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Opt-in error reporting for managed federation

You can configure your managed gateway to send error reports to Apollo via out-of-band reporting. These reports help Apollo improve the performance and reliability of managed federation.

Enabling reporting

To enable out-of-band error reporting, set the following environment variable in your gateway's environment:


The next time you start up your gateway, out-of-band error reporting is enabled.

Note: If you've enabled out-of-band reporting in the past, you might have specified a URL that is now deprecated. Double-check your configuration to make sure you've specified the URL listed above.

How it works

Whenever your gateway fails to fetch its supergraph schema from Apollo due to an error, the out-of-band reporting mechanism sends an error report to Apollo as a GraphQL mutation.

The report provides the following information as GraphQL variables:

  • The error code and message produced by the gateway
  • The HTTP Request URL and body
  • The HTTP Response status code and body
  • The started-at and end-at times of the request

It also provides the following HTTP headers:

  • apollographql-client-name: The name of the GraphQL client used by the Gateway
  • apollographql-client-version: The version number of the GraphQL client used by the Gateway
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