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Opt-in error reporting for managed federation

You can configure your managed gateway to send error reports to Apollo via out-of-band reporting. These reports help Apollo improve the performance and reliability of .

Enabling reporting

To enable out-of-band error reporting, set the following environment variable in your gateway's environment:


The next time you start up your gateway, out-of-band error reporting is enabled.


If you've enabled out-of-band reporting in the past, you might have specified a URL that is now deprecated. Double-check your configuration to make sure you've specified the URL listed above.

How it works

Whenever your gateway fails to fetch its from Apollo due to an error, the out-of-band reporting mechanism sends an error report to Apollo as a .

The report provides the following information as GraphQL :

  • The error code and message produced by the gateway
  • The HTTP Request URL and body
  • The HTTP Response status code and body
  • The started-at and end-at times of the request

It also provides the following HTTP headers:

  • apollographql-client-name: The name of the used by the Gateway
  • apollographql-client-version: The version number of the GraphQL client used by the Gateway
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