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Every application that sends data to Apollo GraphOS must use an API key to do so. Apollo Studio enables you to create and manage two types of API keys: graph API keys and personal API keys. Every system that isn't running as part of your local development setup should always use a graph API key.

Graph API keys

A graph API key provides access to interacting with a single graph in GraphOS.

Create a unique graph API key for each non-development system that communicates with GraphOS. Doing so enables you to revoke access to a single system without affecting others.

Setting permissions

Unless you have an Enterprise plan, every graph API key provides full access to its associated graph.

If you have an Enterprise plan, you can assign a role to each graph API key you create. If you do, the API key's permissions are limited to that role's permissions.

You can't change a graph API key's role after it's created. Instead, create a new key with the desired role.

Personal API keys

A personal API key provides partial access to every graph in every organization you belong to. Specifically, it has the same permissions that your user account has in each of those organizations.

Personal API keys are useful for local development tools (like the Rover CLI and the Apollo VS Code extension) to load schemas and other data from Studio.

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