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Contributing to Rover

Rover is not yet ready for external feature contributors, but documentation contributions are welcome. At this time, this article is intended primarily for internal contributors and partners.


Rover is written in Rust. In order to contribute, you'll need to have Rust installed. To install Rust, visit https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install.

Rust has a build tool and package manager called cargo that you'll use to interact with Rover's code.

To build the CLI:

cargo build

To run the CLI:

cargo run -- <args>
# e.g. cargo run -- help will run the rover help command

Project Structure

  • src: the rover CLI

    • src/bin/rover.rs: the entry point for the CLI executable
    • src/command: logic for the CLI commands

      • src/command/output.rs: Enum containing all possible stdout options for Rover commands
    • src/utils: shared utility functions
    • src/error: application-level error handling including suggestions and error codes
    • src/cli.rs: Module containing definition for all top-level commands
    • src/lib.rs: all the logic used by the CLI
  • crates

    • crates/houston: logic related to configuring rover
    • crates/robot-panic: Fork of robot-panic to create helpful panic handlers
    • crates/rover-client: logic for querying apollo services
    • crates/sputnik: logic for capturing anonymous usage data
    • crates/timber: output formatting and logging logic


Documentation for using and contributing to rover is built using Gatsby and Apollo's Docs Theme for Gatsby.

To contribute to these docs, you can add or edit the markdown & MDX files in the docs/source directory.

To build and run the documentation site locally, you'll have to install the relevant packages by doing the following from the root of the rover repository:

cd docs
npm i
npm start

This will start up a development server with live reload enabled. You can see the docs by opening localhost:8000 in your browser.

To see how the sidebar is built and how pages are grouped and named, see this section of the gatsby-theme-apollo-docs docs. There is also a creating pages section if you're interesed in adding new pages.

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