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Add GraphQL to your Android apps

Apollo Client for Android is a strongly-typed, caching GraphQL client for Android that supports both Java and Kotlin. Get started with it here!

Apollo Android has a Gradle Plugin to integrate into projects easily. Use Gradle docs for more details on the plugin APIs:

Once you started, you can dive into advanced topics by going into Advanced section from the left pane.

Getting involved

Apollo Android is a community-driven project with contributors from many companies. Check out the blog post introducing the first public release of the project and the project's README to learn about the current progress.

We're excited about the idea of further unifying the clients for JavaScript, iOS and Android, including sharing a cache between native and React Native.

If you have questions or would like to contribute, please join the Apollo Android Community on Spectrum.

Other platforms

Other resources

  • GraphQL.org for an introduction and reference to the GraphQL itself, partially written and maintained by the Apollo team.
  • Our website to learn about Apollo open source and commercial tools.
  • Our blog for long-form articles about GraphQL, feature announcements for Apollo, and guest articles from the community.
  • Our Twitter for in-the-moment news.
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