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Apollo Workbench


Apollo Workbench is a VS Code extension that helps you design and reason about your organization's graph without writing any server code.

Currently, Workbench is especially useful for working on federated graphs. Whether you're creating a new graph or making changes to an existing one, Workbench helps you understand how your graph composes throughout the design process.

Get started

Create graphs

Build graphs from scratch

Quickly create a new design and start adding subgraphs:

Creating a Workbench design from scratch

Import graphs from Studio

After authenticating Workbench with Apollo Studio, you can create local Workbench designs that are based on any Studio graph you have access to:

Creating a Workbench design from Studio

See Importing a Studio graph into Workbench.

View supergraph and API schemas

As soon as you have a design that successfully composes, you can view its supergraph and API schemas:

Viewing a supergraph schema in Workbench

These schemas update as you make changes to your subgraph schemas.

Create operations

Build operations from scratch

Workbench provides intelligent code completion to help you write operations against your design:

Creating a new operation in Workbench

Import operations from Studio

After authenticating Workbench with Apollo Studio, you can import operations that have been executed against any graph you have access to:

Query plan view

See Importing operations.

View query plans

You can view the query plan that the gateway uses to route each GraphQL operation based on your subgraph schemas:

Query plan view

Your design must compose successfully to be able to view query plan details.

Debug your graph

See composition errors in-line

Any composition errors in your design are displayed in both the VS Code editor and the Problems panel. This helps you understand conflicts and resolve them before writing any server code for your subgraphs:

In-line composition error info

Run locally with mocks

See Testing designs locally.

Export your designs

See Exporting Workbench designs.

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