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0. Introduction

Welcome! This tutorial demonstrates adding the SDK to an app to communicate with a . It is confirmed to work with the following tools:

  • Xcode 13.2
  • Swift 5.6
  • Apollo iOS SDK 0.50.0

The tutorial assumes that you're using a Mac with Xcode installed. It also assumes some prior experience with iOS development.

If you encounter any issues during the tutorial, feel free to ask questions by either opening an issue on our GitHub repo or stopping by our community forums for help.

What are you building?

This tutorial takes you through building an app to "book a seat" on any of the rockets that have been sent into space by SpaceX. Along the way, you'll build out functionality that uses the following features of the Apollo iOS SDK:

  • Schema downloading
  • Code generation
  • Queries and s
  • Error handling
  • s

A pre-built GraphQL server is provided for your app to execute against.

Before you start, you should either check out or download the contents of the iOS tutorial repository at There's a "starter" folder where you'll begin and a "final" folder that shows what the app will wind up looking like when it's complete.

Ready to start?

🚀 Let's go! 🚀

API Reference
1. Add the Apollo SDK
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