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Working with supergraphs

in a federated architecture

A supergraph (also called a federated graph) is a graph composed of multiple subgraphs:

Supergraph (A + B + C)
Subgraph A
Subgraph B
Subgraph C

Rover commands that interact with supergraphs begin with rover supergraph. These commands primarily deal with composition of a supergraph schema that adheres to the supergraph schema specification.

Supergraph schemas are currently in preview and cannot be consumed yet by Apollo tools. Upon the full release of supergraph schemas, the @apollo/gateway library will be able to consume a supergraph schema to enable advanced federation features.

Composing a supergraph schema

You can use the supergraph compose command to compose a supergraph schema based on a provided subgraph configuration file:

rover supergraph compose --config ./supergraph.yaml


The supergraph compose command's --config option expects the path to a YAML file that contains a list of all subgraphs:

    routing_url: https://films.example.com
      file: ./films.graphql
    routing_url: https://people.example.com
      file: ./people.graphql

The YAML file must specify each subgraph's public-facing URL (routing_url), along with the path to its schema (schema.file).

Important: Currently, supergraph compose only accepts federation-enhanced SDL files, which you can obtain with subgraph introspect or subgraph fetch (see also Using stdout).

Output format

By default, supergraph compose outputs a supergraph schema document to stdout. This will be useful for providing the schema as input to other Rover commands in the future.

You can also save the output to a local .graphql file like so:

# Creates prod-schema.graphql or overwrites if it already exists
rover supergraph compose --config ./supergraph.yaml > prod-schema.graphql

For more on passing values via stdout, see Using stdout.

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