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Cloud Dedicated overview

Learn about the Cloud Dedicated offering and pricing

Cloud Dedicated is currently in invite-only preview. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to request access or have any questions or feedback.

Cloud Dedicated is the Apollo offering that lets you run a cloud on dedicated, pre-provisioned infrastructure that you control and scale. It gives you access to a fully managed and monitored fleet of Apollo Routers. This approach lets you implement and scale your without managing any additional infrastructure. Tailored for teams handling production-grade workloads, Cloud Dedicated offers additional control over performance and security.

Private preview

Cloud Dedicated is a new product and is in preview while it matures. It is only available to select customers on an invite-only basis. If you have feedback or are interested in joining the preview, get in touch.

Please note the following while Cloud Dedicated is in preview:

  • 99.9% SLA for ingress traffic
  • Limited to customers running s in AWS
  • Month-to-month billing, pricing subject to change


Cloud Dedicated pricing is based on the amount of Graph Compute Units(GCUs) needed to run your graph. A GCU is a unit of throughput capacity that takes into account:

  • processing incoming GraphQL requests
  • making a query plan across s
  • securely routing traffic to your backend services

GCUs run on AWS in the region of your choice. You can scale them via GraphOS Studio or the GraphOS Platform API.

GCU performance

While Cloud Dedicated is in preview, these performance expectations may change.

From a single GCU, you can expect the following performance:

  • 25 requests per second (RPS)
  • 150 RPS
  • Up to 0.5 megabytes of response data per second

GCU performance varies depending on your GraphQL workload and architecture. For example, queries that return large payloads may decrease throughput below the baseline 25 RPS. Conversely, queries that return small amounts of data from several s may achieve above the baseline 25 RPS. Apollo recommends load testing your GraphQL workload on Cloud Dedicated before going into production.

AWS Lattice configuration
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