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5. Connect your queries to your UI

In this chapter, you are going to display a list of Sites in a RecyclerView.

Configure LaunchListAdapter

Open LaunchListAdapter and add a launches property:

class LaunchListAdapter(
private val launches: List<LaunchListQuery.Launch>
) : RecyclerView.Adapter<LaunchListAdapter.ViewHolder>() {

LaunchListQuery.Launch is a typesafe generated model from your LaunchList. .

Bind the data to the UI

Use the launches property to bind items to your adapter:

override fun getItemCount(): Int {
return launches.size
override fun onBindViewHolder(holder: ViewHolder, position: Int) {
val launch = launches.get(position) = ?: ""

Pass the LaunchListAdapter to the RecyclerView

Create a new Adapter and pass it to your RecyclerView:

lifecycleScope.launchWhenResumed {
val response = try {
} catch (e: ApolloException) {
Log.d("LaunchList", "Failure", e)
val launches = response?.data?.launches?.launches?.filterNotNull()
if (launches != null && !response.hasErrors()) {
val adapter = LaunchListAdapter(launches)
binding.launches.layoutManager = LinearLayoutManager(requireContext())
binding.launches.adapter = adapter

Test your query

Hit the Run button. You now have a UI connected to your GraphQL queries 🚀

A basic list

It looks a bit plain, though. Next, you'll add more info to the list to make it look nicer!

4. Execute your first query
6. Add more info to the list
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